Friday, April 12, 2013


   I'm taking a bit of a break from the blog again to work on some real world stuff. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, go see FUNERAL CONE on tour this week. They're awesome and I'll be selling stuff for them. Here's the dates:

Saturday April 13th in Portland, OR at The Ranch w/ Wild Mohicans, Sick Rats and Vicious Pleasures.

 Sunday April 14th in Tacoma, WA at Redroom with The Wrath, Earth Control and more.

 Monday April 15th in Victoria, BC at Talk's Cheap w Line Traps

 Tuesday, April 16th NOWHERE

 Wednesday, April 17th in Seattle at Victory Lounge w/ Fugitive Spot and more

 Thursday, April 18th in Olympia,WA at Grandmaw's House with Dogjaw (euro homecoming!)

 Friday, April 19th - just chillin in the van and Black Butte

 Saturday, April 20th - San Francisco 4/20 party at Thrillhouse with Nasty Christmas, 17 Reasons and Make Me Sick. $5. All ages.

For more info, look here and here. If you want to hear Funeral Cone, they were on this week's MRR Radio. You can find a link in the previous post.

I'll be back a bit after that with more moldy tapes.


Will said...

wtf no vancouver date??? let me know next time! tietoeverythingbutme at gmail

rymodeeeeeee said...

wanna try an emergency weird show in mendo?