Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On Tour

   I'm going on tour for the month of November, but will dig into a backlog of old tapes when I get ones too. If you want to see my band on tour, you can find the dates right here. Take care


Dk said...

This is a much welcomed treat! Have a safe tour. I'll try to get to one of those shows. Fan belts with labor shouldn't cost that much I hope.

Anonymous said...


I just saw your show in Portland, ME last week and I just wanted to tell you it was GREAT.

Secondly, I've been e-mailing Tony about Dirty Marquee and he said that there is a cassette release that you might have some copies of? I'd love to order one if you have any left. Is there another way I can reach you, besides leaving comments on yr blog?

- Alice

Harvester said...

Thanks! Here is the info for the tape, along with an email address to reach me.