Sunday, July 31, 2011

TEENAGE WAISTBAND - "I Saw What I Wanted To See" - Tape - 2007

   TEENAGE WAISTBAND is hard to describe to someone who has never heard them. Art damaged punk with an 11 year old boy for a singer? Minimalist noisy skronky shit? What happens when people in Providence decide "We're just gonna start a normal punk band"? I don't really know. I do know that I like them a lot and that their singer is neither 11 years old nor male. Maybe you should just listen to this for yourself and make your own weird descriptions...or fuck the descriptions altogether and just blast this out of your speakers. Features ex-members of BLOOD TRUCK, COUGHS, REACTIONARY 3, and THE FOREHEADS.
TEENAGE WAISTBAND in Brooklyn. Photo by Daniel Arnold.

                        Download Teenage Waistband here


S. Sky said...

Greg! This shit is awesome. it's like being able to come to your room anytime and tape your tapes, even though i live 3000 miles away. awesome.
sarah sky

david said...

I love that you posted this, Greg!
Such an awesome tape!

The photo is by Daniel Arnold and it's TWB playing at The Woodser in Brooklyn, NY on March 16, 2007. Others playing the show were Dan Friel, BAMA, and AcHT(eN). Not that it matters, just saying - thought I'd mention it since I knew...


Harvester said...

Thanks! updated the photo info.

Anonymous said...

Can you re-upload the album again, please?

Harvester said...


Anonymous said...

Didn't even expect that the respond will be so quick! Thanks a lot!