Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BIG ZIT - "International Player's Club #1 - Tape - 2013

   "Sounds like BAD BRAINS"
  "Internet hype band"
  "I don't listen to hype bands"
   A copy of their tape sold for $75 dollars on Discogs. $75. A demo tape. This stupid demo tape. What fan of BIG ZIT has that kind of money to throw around on a little piece of plastic that is bound to break?
    Whatever. This tape is great. I spent almost nothing on it. It has a homemade cover by the band that is too difficult to scan. If you like completely frenetic, lo fi hardcore, you should already be downloading this...or already have it. I don't care about hype. I just like good music.

BIG ZIT / OOZE double pack cover art added for the benefit of anon commenter tumblr blogger pack 2015-2017


smoke_ass said...

hmmm says link isn't available?

Anonymous said...

Big Zits demo is being repressed, it will only cost a single dollar but I think it will only be available at their upcoming shows. Not 100% sure on this though. Also, when did you get this copy? Never seen it before, interested to see what the artwork looks like, I love the Kieth Haring style they got goin on. Take a picture if its hard to scan haha I would be grateful

Harvester said...

Oh yeah...the download doesn't work...trying to fix that now.

Dk said...

That there is a thing of beauty. It almost resembles an exotic butterfly if my weed eyes squint wide enough. And $75?!? To whoever payed that for that - I know some hungry people who could use a meal or a good cause that could use a donation (1 in Chile for example). But I'm glad you like Big Zit enough to want to pay that. Dough-ray me.