Thursday, February 26, 2015

KARP - "Live At Yo Yo A Go Go" - Tape - 1994

Today's tape and write-up is brought to you by Alex Turner.

This show happened in 1994. 21 years ago, RANCID and KARP played together at an indie rock fest in Olympia. What the fuck? KARP is Olympia's best band. Enjoy.


(ed. note: Sorry if it's misleading that I used the cover of their demo tape for the art.)


Anonymous said...

you can hear the karp demo tape at

Jimmy TB said...

I had got out of the Air Force that summer, toured with Schlong for two months, worked non-stop at Blacklist Mailorder, went to Oly for Yo-Yo-A-Go-Go & saw Karp, Rancid, Unwound, Lync, Rickets, Bloodthirsty Butchers & so many more, then rode a 3 speed bicycle on the freeway back to North Dakota. I also sold about 800 copies of my zine for $.50 each while on the road. I can't believe I didn't get creamed on the road/ luckiest year of my life. MRR offered to give me $$ that year too but I didn't accept.

Thanks for the mp3's. I got a wicked drawing the Karp dudes left at the venue I lived in/ they played later in the fall that year... if you want?

Harvester said...

Yeah! Scan it and send it to remoteoutpostsATgmailDOTcom.
I'll add it to this post.

and thanks for the great story.

Jimmy TB said...

Found a photocopy of that drawing but can't find the original pencil drawing: