Friday, September 5, 2014

VIOLENCE CREEPS - Demo - Tape - 2014

   You can add this band to the heap of bands who live in the same area as me, but I've never seen them. While more and more locals seem to be playing faster and faster, VIOLENCE CREEPS slows it down to an almost FLIPPER-like pace, but much less noisy and more direct. Don't reach for the liquid Vicodin just yet though, because they pick up the pace here and there, like in the song "Dropout Of This Life" where their singer Amber (Alert) sings my favorite line of the tape...."Nobody understands! Nobody holds my hand! Nobody calls me back! IT HURTS SO MUCH.....ACKK!!"
   The tape sounds like it was recorded on a dumpstered boombox that was left out in the rain, which adds to the charm. It's so lo-fi that it's no-fi. While listening to this tape, think about the fact that this band opened up for BLACK FLAG. While I'm pretty sure that I never need to see BLACK FLAG ever in my life unless time travel is invented (and even then, I'll just opt for the MINUTEMEN), I would've loved to see this band and those guys in the same room.

I don't know if this tape is still available, but if it was, you'd get it from Smart Brains

Best tape cover of the year?

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aboynamedstew said...

fuck you's to the grateful dead and black flag in almost-consecutive posts. opting for the minutemen is why i love dropping by yr blog. thanks.