Friday, September 13, 2013

THE FINAL FRONTIERS - "Pleased To Rock You" - Tape - 2013

   My friend Mike is the one who first introduced me to the simple brilliance that is FINAL FRONTIERS. Once, the two of us drove somewhere for a few hours in New maybe from Worcester to Portsmouth, NH and back...and listened to nothing but their first 9 song tape the whole time. I'm pretty sure I passed out at his house that night with my mind screaming that song about a Suzuki 125.
   It was Mike who also sent me their new tape in the mail a few days ago and I was overjoyed to get it. THE FINAL FRONTIERS is two great friends from Burlington, VT. I've never been there (oddly) so I don't know what kind of musical references they enjoy, but from a purely West Coast perspective, they sound like a lost mid-90's Sacramento pop-punk band that released a cassingle on Secret Center Records. I mean that in the highest regard. Anyhow, the vocals in this band sound like they are double-tracked or run through a chorus pedal, but it is actually two voices singing exactly the same thing all the time! I still like their first tape better than this one, but this tape is new to me and growing on me more and more every day. My personal favorite is a tie between "Ethan Allen Says" and the perfect "Bullshit Boulevard", which is partially about getting chased by mall cops. As someone who is distancing themselves further and further away from pop-punk everyday, this reminded me of why I like the genre in the first place. Thanks FINAL FRONTIERS! And thanks to Mike!

I don't know how you can order a tape of your own, but I suggest that you figure that part out. It even comes in this cool green, glowing tape case!!

You can find their first tape at the FINAL FRONTIERS Bandcamp

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