Monday, May 7, 2012

NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Discography - Tape - 2006

   In 2006, my current best friend/confidante/life partner Anandi mailed me a mix tape that is probably the best mix tape I've ever received in my life. Alongside classic standards like THE CLASH and YE OLDE BUTTFUCK, I was introduced to bands I had never heard before (and grew to love) like HULGORILLA ANGREB and KNUGEN FALLER. There was another Danish band on the tape that I overlooked on the tape for a while, even though their song was excellent ("Secret Police"), just because I thought they were an older band. I was trying to find out about the newer bands that were exciting to me. One day at work, it hit me how good that song is and I looked up more info about the band. It turns out that they were a current band and they were born out of former projects like AMDI PETERSEN'S ARMI and the always outstanding YOUNG WASTENERS. I tracked down everything that I could by the band I was not disappointed.
   Even though their LP has this crazy flanger effect throughout the entire thing, it still has great, dismal songs on it, like "Rainy Day", which starts with the illuminating line "I stuffed myself with pills today. Doesn't seem to be working." Their lyrics cover aspects of war and don't seem to take a side on it, much like 80's bands that sang about nuclear war with no clear objective. I don't really know what else to tell you. I never got a chance to see them and I don't know much about them. I will tell you that I was walking around on a beautiful San Francisco day with my good friend Cinque once and we mutually decided that our day would be vastly improved if we went and sat in my dark room in a building at 7th and Market while drinking beer and blasting every song by this band. We were right. If you like driving, melodic, depressing, tragic punk with guitar hooks that will stick in your head for days, download this right now.

If you want to order this tape from fucking Poland, it's still available from Trujaca Fala, who have released a lot of other great stuff as well. Check out BARAKA FACE JUNTA and SJU SVARA AR.

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sfdoomed said...

One of my favorite bands of the last 10 years. Thanks for posting!